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( Obsolete. Lots of dead links. See my new landing page here.) )
(first, some info on my other websites ...)

The [HotPaw] website , contains information on HotPaw Basic, and my Obsolete Vintage PalmOS Computing Page may have (dead?) links to other PalmPilot resources.

The Chipmunk Icon Chipmunk Basic Web Site contains many Basic programming language resources, including the Chipmunk Basic interpreter, a freeware old fashioned Basic interpreter that runs on Macintosh computers (even old ones), linux and even Windows.

Random and General Information

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Here's the cannonical photo of one's cat on a personal web page.

My Photo/Bio/CV.

All my web pages are under construction. (Pardon the mess; I started building this web site in 1996 in HTML 1.0 using the vi text editor.)

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